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What Makes a Good Pre-School?

Pre-school is a wonderful time when kids get to learn, meet friends and play. But what makes a pre-school good? 

Pre-school Basics

We’re first going to mention a few basics a pre-school should have. These don’t guarantee a good pre-school, but parents shouldn’t even consider a school without them.

Registered with the Department of Social Services

A pre-school with six children or more must register with the Department of Social Services. Registration is free. There is no reason for a pre-school to be unregistered. The Department holds schools to a standard that ensures the facilities can safely accommodate the children.  It makes sure that the children aren’t packed into too small a space. It checks ventilation and that there are enough toilets for the children. These are some of the many aspects The Department monitors for the good of the children. 

Safe and Clean

A pre-school should be safe and clean. Any facility that caters for little children shouldn’t be spotless. But the classrooms and playground shouldn’t be filthy either. The kitchen/s and bathrooms must be very clean. 

First-aid Training

Ideally, all the staff members of a pre-school should have some first-aid training. Failing that there should be a few staff members with the necessary training. Even the safest environments will, unfortunately, have their share of accidents. The response of teachers in these situations can make the world of difference. There could be an allergic reaction to a sting or a sprained ankle or other emergencies. You want to know that the teachers caring for your little one know what to do if any of these things happen. 

The Steps to Pre-school Greatness: A Good Pre-school

A Good Pre-school Will Have Qualified Teachers Who Care

Pre-school teachers provide structure and help kids grow in these important years. Pre-school lays the foundation for future schooling. Qualified, caring pre-school teachers who see it as their calling to be with these little kids are vital for healthy development.

A Good Pre-school Will Implement Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning is best for pre-schoolers. They learn by feeling and moving and experiencing. A good pre-school will make sure that most of the classroom learning gets the children to act out or touch or feel. The kids will cut and paste or draw or paint. Getting them to listen, move and talk activates many parts of the brain. This is how learning at this age should happen.  

A Good Pre-school Will Value Free Play

Fun free playStudies have shown again and again the importance of free play in a child’s development. We have unstructured, child-driven play in view here. The teachers will provide boundaries but the children will decide what they want to play and for how long. Free play excludes passive play like TV or video games. 

Free play encourages cognitive development and problem-solving skills. Outdoor free play is vital for a child’s physical progress. It fosters social skills as children learn to play together and take turns. This promotes personal emotional development. It encourages creativity. Kids get to learn about their own skills and interests. Free play reinforces classroom learning and enhances a child’s language skills. And free play is fun. 

A good curriculum is important and we have one of the best. We have focused on free play because its importance is easily overlooked and often neglected. 

Jozi Jammers: a good pre-school in North Riding

Jozi Jammers started with one teacher and 6 children. We have recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary with over 120 precious kids. 

We are a registered pre-school that ticks the above boxes. Our facilities are safe and clean. Our qualified staff cares deeply about the little children entrusted to our care. We have a hands-on approach to learning, letting the kids experience the world around them. We value free play both in and outside the classroom. 

We would love to meet you and get to know your pre-schooler. Feel free to arrange to come and see us. We will take the best care of your kids. We put our Christian values into practice in everything we do with and for your children.


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